a day in the life of a cribs caseworker!

Daphne shares one of her busy days with us! She never stops as she juggles appointments for three different women, breaking down the many barriers that they face in accessing vital medical care.

8:45: Call a taxi to pick up 38 weeks pregnant woman for hospital appointment.

Walk to maternity hospital. 

9:15: arrive at hospital, speak to nurses, pay for perinatal test, wait.

10:00: call another taxi for new mum #1 to take her new-born for his hospital appointment. Explain where she needs to go and why I can not join her yet.

10:30: I receive a call from new mum #1 – the hospital reception won’t let her proceed due to her baby’s lack of AMKA. After 2-3 phone calls they let her into her appointment.

11:00: pregnant woman is finally in for her perinatal test. While waiting I am on the phone to another new mum – #2 – whose baby has an appointment for an important ultrasound. I give instructions on what she needs to take with her. Her phone battery runs out halfway through, as she had left her charger the day before in the hospital where her baby was hospitalised for a week. Called her flatmate to try and regain contact.

11:30: perinatal test is over, wait to speak to doctors. Call taxi for the new mum #2 to go to hospital with the baby. 

11:45: I can finally speak to doctors, results are good but baby is over 4kg and breech so according to protocol, a c-section is being planned at 39 weeks. Explain to mum-to-be to get her consent. Instructions given, appointment booked for pre surgery tests on Saturday.

Lots of waiting at hospitals while taking calls!

12:00: Call from an unknown number, it’s the doctor of mum #2 asking why she is not accompanied. Reassure doctor I am on my way.

12:10: mum #1 on the phone, doctor has questions

12:15: call from a partner NGO asking if we can house a 6 month pregnant woman who is suddenly on the streets. We are full but will notify them once a space becomes available, sorry.

Catch a taxi to Aglaia Kyriakou children’s hospital to join mum #2 for ultrasound.

12.30: get prescription stamped, pass by the reception, make payment, then to ultrasound department.

Mum greets me with a beautiful little box with butterflies; a present for me! I give her a hug, almost in tears. Baby just finished ultrasound, no significant changes, I go to speak to the doctors and search for lost charger.

Mum #1 is at Agia Sofia children’s hospital right next door and waiting for me because we need to take her baby’s blood sample to a special lab at the medical university, a ten minute walk. She doesn’t know where it is and the baby is tired and hungry. I ask her to wait a few minutes.

Up at the doctors’ office in Aglaia Kyriakou instructions are given, prescriptions being printed, appointments booked. I interpret and explain everything for mum. System crashes, we are missing one prescription. After small talk with doctors the system comes back on.

Finally with a handful of prescriptions, I run to reception, have prescriptions stamped and go to the hospital next door. 

13:30: Quick chat with mum #2, explain instructions written on paper by doctor.

Both mums and babies exhausted, I put them both in taxi to go home.

I take blood sample to the lab, it starts to rain! 

14:15: I catch the bus back. 

Total cost of medical tests and taxis for the day: 73 euros!

A massive thank you to Daphne for always doing so much for our families!