Sally – home from athens

I am back home from Athens. I look around me and it is so nice to have my own bed, bathroom, kitchen, all my clothes with enough space. To see Fred, the kids, the animals, my friends and of course, wonderful Oscar, my grandbaby. I have yet again come to realise the privilege of my passport, and my money and that I have the freedom to choose what to do today.

Having said that, I miss Athens because I love it and hate it all at once. I love to be there and see what is actually happening. I love to be able to focus on just CRIBS for a short while. I wish I could clone myself and stay longer. I love being with the team, too many biscuits, laughing, coffee and serious discussions. Of course, baby cuddling is really rather wonderful except for the sniffles the wee ones share so generously.

This morning we had an online meeting. I overslept and we started late. Yesterday on the flight, I made a list of ongoing things we need to work on. We have new volunteers Brian and Gary, who will help in the Free Shop and with driving and design – lovely folk both of them. Carol is moving from the Free Shop after years of unpacking boxes and sorting clothes, to do some art and teaching, as well as continuing driving to deliver and collect things from around Athens.

We have plans to get more input from the women we house at CRIBS in terms of how we are doing things and how to make things work better. The group of women in CRIBS are a wonderful bunch and I am excited to see what they will bring.

Anais, after over a year of doing wonderful, exhausting and emotionally draining  work in the Free Shop is getting back on the bike she arrived on (!) to who knows where and Danni from Dublin is taking over, so we talked about the handover and some changes. Thank you, Anais, and welcome to Danni.

And finally, plans to renovate our living spaces! When I was able to actually see things properly for myself, it became pretty clear that some of our older flats are just a wee bit tired and in need of a makeover. Isabel and Costas, will be getting stuck into that and to be honest, it can’t come a day too soon. Isabel is doing wonderful, dedicated work and boy, are we lucky to have her. Now is the time to put some funds into renovation and more comfortable living spaces.

This blog is a bit less energetic than those from Athens but it reflects how I feel…knackered! The people permanently doing this work, day in and day out, you are a bunch of heroes. 

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