About CRIBS International

Our mission is to house women who are heavily pregnant or have a new-born baby and have fled conflict and exploitation. By providing shelter, safety and support, we get women and their families off the streets of Athens and empower them to begin to recover from trauma, get back on their feet, and rebuild their lives.

The women we support are often alone, and have fled from various regions around the world, including the DRC, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Syria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Ivory Coast.

Many are survivors of various forms of exploitation. Having fled violence in their home countries, they have endured long and traumatic journeys and having reached Europe they find themselves homeless on the streets of Athens. With little or no support from the Greek authorities they are in desperate situations and are at risk of further exploitation.

We hear from women who are struggling to access food and shelter while heavily pregnant, women who have given birth and with nowhere to go risk their baby being taken from them. Regular donations enable us to continue to support these families and expand our services in Athens.